HPSO Community Forum

HPSO's Community Forum allows our members to ask and answer questions of each other, and all members are welcome.

The Community Forum consists of five main Forums:

  • Welcome - Learn how to use the HPSO Community Forum and view guidelines for posts
  • Plant Forum – Post questions about particular plants and how to take care of them
  • Plant Exchange (Coming Soon!) – Post opportunities to share plants between HPSO members
  • Products, Resources & ServicesPost questions about tools, materials for the garden, service providers, or sources for materials
  • Design Forum – Post questions about combinations of plants, or the layout of your garden
  • Gardens Near and Far – Post questions about visiting gardens near and far

Within each Forum are topics/questions posed by the Forum participants which then launches the online discussion threads.

HPSO Community Forum

All forum participants must adhere to the Forum Guidelines & Protocols.  Included in the document is a general "how-to" for new forum participants.

The HPSO Community Forum is moderated by a group of HPSO members. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a volunteer Forum moderator [email protected]Forum participants are encouraged to use the Forum Profile button at the top of the Forum page to create a very brief description of themselves - where they garden and what size or style garden they have.

Important tip:  HPSO members who wish to post to the forum must login with their username and password.  Otherwise, access to the forum will be read-only.

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