Grants Awarded in 2015

Portland Youth Builders
Nutrition Education Program for 17-24 yr old low income youth who have not completed HS and are food insecure, in a vocational pgm, learning cooking and diet skills weekly nutrition class using vegs and edibles.

Boy Scout Troop 194
Green roof learning center for Boones Ferry Elem Schl and Wood Mdl Schl Ctr for Research in Sci and Env Tech. Located in garden space.

Springwater Environmental Sciences School
New native plant garden 5th 6th grade integrates science with the garden design, planting, water, wind and soil studies.

Marion Polk Food Share
Install a modest orchard in a food insecure, low income area, includes educational programming on fruit tree production.

Hazel Dell School
Demonstration garden for sustainable gardening and community education partnering w Boys and Girls Club, improve greenhouse and raised plantings.

Sauvie Island Center
row garden farmed exclusively by kids, education from soil to seed to harvest provides lunch and from farm and forest food web, includes pollination station.

Lincoln Elementary School
ADA raised garden beds, vertical garden beds, sensory garden, bilingual signage at dual language immersion school.