The Gen(i)us Series features programs about plants and plant families. Since its launch in 2007, talks have ranged from Acer (maples) to Zauschneria (California fuchsia), with a particular emphasis on the selection and cultivation of plants in Pacific Northwest gardens.

Complementing the Series’ plant-centric focus, it is now expanded to include talks on garden design, garden techniques, climate, natural history, and related topics. Speakers in the Gen(i)us Series have professional-level knowledge of their topics, and are drawn from horticulture, botany, nursery management, landscape architecture, garden design, and other sciences and disciplines. Approximately six talks are offered each year.
In lieu of in-person talks, normally held at the Multnomah Arts Center in Portland, the Gen(i)us Series moves to virtual format, bringing the speakers’ expertise directly to you in your home.

HPSO members pay $5 to register for each Gen(i)us Series talk; the non-member price is $10. Wherever possible, the program may be viewed by registrants for up to a week after its live presentation. A link to the recording is sent to all registrants as soon as it is available.

Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Gen(i)us Series


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