HPSO & the Garden Conservancy Open Day Tour

Each year since the 1990s, HPSO has teamed up with the Garden Conservancy to provide a fabulous one-day tour of private open gardens.  Proceeds for the tour are split between the two organizations; HPSO's proceeds go towards the Elaine Joines Grants Program and the HPSO horticultural scholarship fund.  The tour is completely organized and staffed by volunteers.  The location of the tour varies each year, typically to a different part of the greater Portland metropolitan area.

2016 GC tour2016 Tour

The theme of the tour for 2016 is "Northern Exposure: Gorgeous Gardens in Clark County, WA".  The tour will be north of the Columbia River this year.  Five beautiful gardens are featured:

  • Seymour-Lueck, (218 NW 88th Street, Vancouver, WA) - lead garden
  • Dragonfly Hollow, (12517 NE 20th Avenue, Vancouver, WA)
  • The Garden of Roger & Judy McElhaney, "Matsu Kaze" (Wind in the Pines)  (12506 NE 109th Avenue, Vancouver, WA)
  • Ritchie Garden, (7619 NE 192nd Way, Battle Ground, WA)
  • The Bailey Haven, (9601 NE 177th Street, Battle Ground, WA)


You will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for fabulous garden art at the lead garden. Raffle proceeds will benefit the HPSO grants program directly.

The tour will occur on Saturday, June 11, 2016, from 10am to 4pm.

Passes purchased on the day of the event are $30.   Or, you may visit a garden for $7 each.  If you have tickets that were purchased in prior years, they will still be honored.     

Your visit to these gardens supports HPSO's grants and scholarship programs and the Garden Conservancy's mission to preserve exceptional gardens across the United States for the education and enjoyment of the public.

Download tour directions:  Driving Directions (written) and Driving Map


This year's garden details:

“There are no happier folks than plant lovers and none more generous than those who garden.”       Ernest H. Wilson (1876-1930) British plant collector, primarily in Asia

In the spirit of the generosity of our garden hosts, your support of HPSO’s grants and scholarships programs, and the Garden Conservancy’s mission, we invite you to join us for the Open Days Tour on Saturday, JUNE 11, 2016,from 10 am to 4 pm. This year’s theme, NORTHERN EXPOSURE,takes us to Washington’s Clark County to visit five private gardens, each with its own distinct personality. Come with a garden-loving friend or family member and spend a glorious day enjoying these special gardens.

1. The Seymour-Lueck Garden (lead garden) – Rebecca Seymour & Greg Lueck, 218 NW 88th St, Vancouver
Japanese-inspired landscaping, designed by Vanessa Gardner Nagel and installed by the garden host and his son, make this a unique space. Hardscaping, including upright stones, ledgestone walls, river rock, and a giant stone rill, keeps this contemplative garden physically and figuratively grounded. Rebecca is a painter, Greg a glass artist, and their creativity makes their home and garden a wonderful space.
This garden will have special raffle items with proceeds benefiting our grants program. Raffle tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10 and you can choose which item(s) you would like to win!

2. Dragonfly Hollow – Vanessa Gardner Nagel (landscape designer & garden author), 12517 NE 20th Ave, Vancouver
This is a well established, 25-year garden with elements of surprise and delight including a crop circle, outdoor living areas, award-winning art, and a topiary peacock with glass highlights. The Nagels have edited and added much over the years to keep up with an ever changing garden space.

3. Matsu Kaze (Wind in the Pines) – Judy & Roger McElhaney, 12506 NE 109th Ave, Vancouver
The McElhaneys have spent 14 years changing their landscape from a horse pasture to the beautiful, Asian-inspired garden that is it today. The 2½ acres feel like a much bigger space as there are extensive planting beds and many paths and rooms to explore. The beds include many rare and unusual plants including numerous varieties of conifers, ginkgos, Japanese maples, rhododendrons, and dogwoods under-planted with daphnes, lilies, peonies, and oh-so-much more!

4. The Bailey Haven – Linda & Al Bailey, 9601 NE 177th St, Battleground
The Baileys have transformed what began as an acre of uninspiring clay into a garden of delight with ponds, gazebo, pergola beds, rock garden, loop garden, lady walk, vegetable garden, collection of conifers, specimen area and topiary. They also have their art studios and entertaining space. All of this is the result of Linda’s designing and Al’s willingness to construct whatever she asked of him. 

5. The Ritchie Garden – Betty & Bill Ritchie, 7619 NE 192nd Way, Battleground
This five-acre property was a wetland with little else when the Ritchies began changing it into a grand vista out to the earthen ponds. They have used trees and shrubs that are weeping, contorted, and variegated to give perspective to their meadowland. Wildlife is welcomed and sheltered by their native plantings and hummingbirds find the numerous trumpet-shaped flowers a big draw.
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